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Client: OFFF 2009

Created Icw: Craque

Date: April 2009

Role: Concept, Direction, Production

Audio: Jeff Dodson

Format: SD Widescreen

Length: 8 Min.12 Sec.

Download: still to come

Info: 36 Logo's, 4 weeks for concepting, pre- and postproduction ....
The result is a 8 (!) minute piece that contains 38 logo's all wrapped in a simple "story" based upon this years festival theme "Failing Gracefully".

This 8 Minute long short, was actually meant to be 4 minutes in length.
But how could we know that presenting 38 logo's takes 8 minutes...!

The challenge here was to tell a story which would, in a fun kind of way,
show the audience38 logo's wrapped in this years' theme "Failing Gracefully".
Our main focus was to let the logo's star in this film and not to let them act as "secondary cast".
The logo's are what the film is about, they are the main ingredient.

In design, we fail gracefully all the time.
As a matter of fact, sometimes these failures bring out new ideas, which can bring the design or concept up to a higher level.
Zlad Klitschko (our casted researcher) encounters numerous failurs in his quest for ... something....

But in the end Zlad manages to "create" something that satisfies him by accident, but still needs a little tweak
Zlad Klitschko; "Good enough, just a little tweak and I am done..."


Final logo sheet

Zlad Klitschko on set

Physical IdN logo

Chemical smells

Pre and Postproduction paint

IdN burned logo




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